Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

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Created Elsewhere

These applications are not developed by Koda Software, but are listed here to help you get a better understanding of WPF's capabilities.

  • ITN Hub Player (ClickOnce application)

    The latest breaking home, world, showbiz, sports and business news and video from ITN in a WPF ClickOnce application.

  • Der OTTO Store (ClickOnce application)

    Next generation online shopping from the German OTTO (one of the largest online retailers in world). Warning: the application will take quite a while to start on initial load (downloading all the photos takes time).

  • The New York Times Reader (Windows application)

    A new way to read The New York Times. The application is downloaded and installed onto your Windows system, and can later be uninstalled. Once installed the application connects to a server and downloads up to date content from the newspaper.

  • Turning the Pages 2.0™ (XBAP application)

    Allows you to 'virtually' turn the pages of our most precious books. You can magnify details, read or listen to expert commentary on each page, and store or share your own notes.
    To celebrate the launch of Turning the Pages 2.0™, two Leonardo da Vinci manuscripts, the British Library's Codex Arundel (selected pages) and Bill Gates' Codex Leicester, can now be seen together for the very first time.

  • Dominoken (XBAP application)

    If you are interested in something completely different, take a look at this "crazy" WPF application, part of the Japanese Vista launch. Note, the download is fairly large, but you will be rewarded...

  • SiSoft Regatta Manager (case study)

    There's no access to the application in this case, but it's an interesting case study that is worthwhile to take a look at. A video of the project can be found here.

WPF Application Notes

The applications referenced on the left require the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Runtime. If you don't already have the runtime installed you will automatically be asked to download it. The download and installation could take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on your computer's configuration and your internet connection. (The download is only required the first time.)

Some of the links below are to XAML Browser Applications (XBAP). As of the time of this writing, these applications only run on Internet Explorer (version 6 and later). XBAPs run inside your internet browser as a page which you can navigate away from at any time.

The other applications are ClickOnce deployments where the application will be downloaded from the server and executed on your machine outside of the browser. Typically the install is straight forward, and no cleanup needs to be done after you are done using/testing it.

If you are not automatically offered to download the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Runtime (and you don't already have it), you can install it from here.

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